The gallery features just a small sample of some of the artwork I have made over the past couple of years.  (Please don’t copy or share without asking).

yellow fern copyTentative Speculation IV

Linocut with chine colle  (100 cm X 140 cm)

Blue Remembered Hills

Blue Remembered Hills

Linocut  (30cm X 40 cm)



Etching  (40cm X 50 cm)

steam punk specs

The Aviatrix

Pencil drawing (21cms X 30 cms)

peace brolly 1

Happy Rain

Acrylic on canvas (60 cms x 40cms)


Anything for Shoes

Acrylic on canvas (30cms x 40cms)

blue bag

The Blue Bag

Acrylic on canvas (40cms x 30cms)

cute as f

Cute As…

Acrylic on canvas (40cms x 30 cms)


All That Glisters…

25cms diameter mixed media

peel of bells

Peel of Bells

21 x 15 cms mixed media


Portrait of Jack

25cms x 25cms linocut

aint she cute 1

Ain’t she cute

15cms dia mixed media

new horizons 1

If I could I’d like to be

mixed media



25cm x 25 cm mixed media

2015-09-28 07.47.14

Green Dress

25 cm x 25 cm mixed media


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