Knit and Natter

At the end of last month I started a Knit and Natter group.  Why on earth did I do that when I am not a very good knitter?  Well partly because I am not a very good knitter, in fact I have only really been knitting properly since October last year, so just about 4 months now, and knitting in the company of others who were far more experienced than me and from whom I could hopefully learn seemed like a good idea.  Also, I had been asked by the manager of the arts centre where it takes place if I would do it.

I must confess that I was more than a little nervous about doing something like this – what if nobody came, what if my inexperience was met with derision, what if people came and hated it (and me) and didn’t come back?  So many “What if’s”, but as they say “faint heart …etc” so I duly arrived for the first session and it wasn’t long before the first ladies started to arrive.  Phew!

K and N 2

Knitters and Natterers

And what a lovely bunch of ladies they are as well!  Different ages, different walks of life and knitting abilities.  Of course we don’t discriminate against those who wish to come and crochet, everyone is welcome.  Talk is animated and the variety of subjects that get discussed is hugely varied.  It is a nice way to spend an hour and a half on a Friday morning in pleasant surroundings doing something practical and creative among sociable and like-minded people.  In the USA they call it a “Stitch and Bitch”, but while we stitch there is certainly no bitching.  I think we are more like “Yarners Yarning” – we are working with yarn and having a good old yarn (conversation).

yarn table

Patterns and yarn on the Knit and Natter table

Knitters can bring their own project to do or take part in a group project.  The first of these was to knit some “Twiddlemitts” which will be given to the Dementia Unit at the locla hospital.  In case you don’t know what a Twiddlemitt is, more details can be found here   and a pattern can be found here


My Twiddlemitt under construction (bottom centre in green)

After 3 sessions I am still working on mine, but it is almost finished.  Bernice and Gina have both finished theirs and others group knitters are also well on the way to finishing.

Twiddlemitt under construction and two finished articles made by Bernice

The group meets at Cranleigh Arts Centre, 1 High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey on a Friday morning between 10.30am and 12 noon.  It is free to come along and no booking is required, just turn up.  People can drop in and out of sessions to suit their personal commitments, and I am sure the day may come when I will be sitting there all by myself because everyone else has something else on that day.

2016 Knit Natter postcard v2 copy

Our next project is to knit and crochet as many flowers as possible by the end of April for a special feature which will be part of a new art exhibition opening in May. Watch this space…



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  1. Bravo Gill and well done. I’m sure all those knitters are glad you took the plunge to set it up.

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