Super Stencils with Sarah

I’ve been on another day workshop!  Yes, I know, another one… I’m a proper workshop junkie these days.  Seriously though I only attend workshops and courses if I think it is something that will benefit and help improve my work and when I discovered that in Bognor Regis were to be running a day with the well known home wares designer Sarah Hamilton (  I felt it was not one I could  miss.

Sarah has been producing her delightful, quirky and colourful cards and designs for over 25 years, having supplied many major retailers, she is at the top of the game.

sarah hamilton

Sarah Hamilton with one of her tray designs

The session opened with Sarah talking about how she started and a short demonstration of printing with a paper stencil after which we were let loose with sheets of newsprint and scissors.


My paper stencils

Once stencils were cut it was time to choose the first colour.  This is where Sarah really come into her own, helping everyone to choose a colour which they liked and that was appropriate to the design.  It can be very difficult to make these choices on the spur of the moment in situations like this and the assistance of someone not close to what you are doing is helpful, and more so when it comes with the added bonus of an eye for colour and an uncanny ability to select colours which suited each individuals personality!

inked up

All inked up

I was wearing a blue and grey cardigan and it was decided to try and match the blue in my ‘woolly’ to the ink for my print.  A generous helping of cobalt blue and the addition of a tiny amount of purple and white all mixed up with an equal amount of silk screen medium and bingo!  the perfect blue was achieved – see above.  In the end it appeared that blue really was the colour for many of us, with orange taking the second place.

working hard

Workshop in progress

Once the colour was decided and my screen fully inked it was time to make the first pull, always a nerve wracking moment, but also exciting.

first pull

The first print

I was relieved when the first print came off without a hitch, and then followed by another half dozen, only for a minor hiccup when the stencil for the twig moved and had to be recut and fitted.  A minor hitch, and after a couple of adjustments the final 3 first prints were made.

After lunch we added a second set of stencils over which a second colour was added.  I chose to go with a variant of the same blue and the finished result is…… here!


Fat bird with hearts, flower and twig

This was a fabulous way to spend a Saturday, doing something enjoyable in a pleasant group environment with a fantastic teacher – Sarah is a great teacher, with an effusive larger then life personality which brought the day alive.  Another hit for Shirley and the team at (


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