Mellow yellow in the Cotswolds

On the way back from a recent visit to the Peak District Mr PP and I stopped off  in the Cotswolds mainly because I wanted to see the William Morris House at Kelmscott.  We stayed in the large village of Bourton-on-the-Water, mainly because I had been there once before on a school trip way back in 1977 and we stopped there for a refreshment break on the way to Stratford-upon-Avon to see Shakespeare’s birthplace, Anne Hathway’s House and to see A Comedy of Errors at the RSC.  All these years I have remembered Bourton as being charming and it still is!

dial house

The charming Dial House set back from the High Street, Bourton-on-the-Water

high street

Mini Venetian-style footbridges across the River Windrush


The church of St Lawrence

We stayed at the Dial House Hotel, charming and old world outside but stylish and contemporary inside, the food was excellent!  For such a small place, Bourton has loads of things to do and places to visit.  We visited the Cotswold Motor Museum which is also the home of “Brum” the children’s TV character from the 90’s.  This museum is a real treat, full of motoring and other related ephemera from the early days of motoring up to the 80’s.  There is so much to see for both adults and children alike all displayed in a very accessible format, there are no frills and fancy cases here!

mini topiary

Topiary Mini at the entrance to the Motoring Museum


TV icon “Brum”  This is the original car from the TV series


Inside a 1920’s caravan

corgi scooter

Corgi scooter

BMW badge

Radiator grille from 1930’s BMW – note the badge hasn’t changed

coke bike

Coke bike


Chopper! (Who didn’t want one of these….)

cycle lady

Dunlop cycle types advertising board 1950’s

guiness bus

Guinness bus crate

hand signaller

Automatic left hand signal device… ingenious!

michelin man

Michelin pneumatic tyre inflator


Fiat Topolino – the first Fiat 500!


Giftware tanks

motorbike football

Short film about Motorcycle Football

tin toys

Various toys, including a toy Zeppelin!

hp ride on

Space Hopper and an HP Sauce ride-on toy (????)

men in water

Photograph of men sitting in a river for no apparent reason

swimming machine

1950’s American swimming machine, this didn’t catch on – I wonder why?

boy wanted

Old window postcard

60s scooter

The 60’s


Suzuki GT185, popular in the 1970’s when this could be ridden on L plates and which could attain speeds of up to 80mph

ice cream van

Vintage ice cream van outside the Motor Museum (the ice cream wasn’t vintage)

The other place we visited was the town Model Village.  I am a bit of a sucker for model villages and have seen several both large and small. My favourite is the one in Wimborne, Dorset which my parents used to take me to see as a child; I took my own children there some years ago.  Beaconsfield Model Village is another great example, but seriously there are many, in varying states of repair.  The model village at Bourton was built by the landlord of the Old New Inn, it took 5 years to complete and was opened on coronation day of King George VI in 1937.  Built to one ninth scale it has all the buildings from the old water-mill (now the motor museum) down as far as the Old New Inn and includes a model of the model village.  Inevitably over time buildings like this crumble and on the day we visited a young man was busy restoring one of the houses.  We stopped for an interesting discussion with him about the repairs and it transpired that he has been commissioned to repair most of the buildings, one building takes about 6 weeks to complete.

dial house

Model Dial House Hotel

churchModel St Lawrence Church


Model building and miniature garden

model model village

Model of the model village

mini mini

Even the topiary mini is in model format


Restoration and repair work underway

The model village shows the village as it was in the late 1930’s but also reflects how the buildings are used today which is interesting and unusual.


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