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Making a contribution

I like to contribute art to worthwhile causes.  Recently I made a piece for a Secret Auction to raise funds for The Martlets, a hospice near Brighton not far from where I live.  I have no idea how much it … Continue reading

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When is a toy not a toy?

The words Holga, Lomo and Lomography are to most people, just meaningless  odd, slightly Eastern European sounding words.  But to those “in the know” they are synonymous with a world of inventive and endlessly creative film photography.  The cameras are … Continue reading

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A Gothic Sugar Confection

All the lifestyle magazines and TV programmes endlessly use that tired old phrase “put your own stamp on it” when talking about moving in to a new home.  This is not a new idea however as people have been “putting … Continue reading

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Tea and Cake

It was hot today.  One of those “I’m not really sure what to do” sort of days, so after a morning spent pottering around the house doing boring things like the washing and writing to the tax office;  I thought … Continue reading

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