Very “Downton” – make a 1920’s Headband

Yesterday my oldest daughter came back from university for Christmas a couple of days earlier than planned because she had been invited to a 1920’s themed Supper Night and Cabaret.  The first obstacle to overcome was – obviously, What To Wear.  Now Lotty LOVES dressing up and is a keen Cosplayer, but the 1920’s hasn’t been a period that has featured in her  ‘dressing up’ to date, but with a little help from her sister and me, we managed to find a dress, a long line knitted jacket, shoes and a very long string of pearl beads to give the 1920’s “look”.  As she already has straight bobbed hair – very “Lady Mary” all she needed was something to set it all off.  A quick trawl through Pinterest and Google images found the Headband.  With that in mind, she was off to the shops first thing this morning to buy suitable trimmings to make the accessory of choice.  On her return she tipped her bag of goodies out on to the table with those immortal words “Mum… can you help me?”  These 5 little words are enough to strike terror into the heart of any mother, as what they usually mean is “Mum, can you make this for me…Now!”  As I had nothing better to do (and also because I am a soft touch) out came the sewing machine, fabric glue and workbox; this is what I did.

1920’s Headband

You will need: assortment of feathers, plain ribbon and decorative lacy/beaded/embroidered ribbon, elasticated headband, textile glue, costume jewellery (for deconstruction), thread

1. Measure around your head with the ribbons, add a couple of extra centimetres and cut to size.

2. Pin the decorative ribbon to the plain ribbon and stitch together – I used my machine, but hand stitching will suffice.

step 1

3. Pin the ribbon to the elasticated headband – don’t forget to stretch the headband so as to allow for the non-stretchy ribbon to fit on the head.

step 2


step 7

4. Cut a piece of scrap fabric (I used a circle of felt).  Cover with fabric glue – Gutemans HT2 is the best, arrange the feathers and glue in place.  Leave to dry.  Once dry, trim the feather ends.

step 3

5. If using, now is the time to make use of the costume jewellery as decoration.  I used pieces from a bracelet and a small pendant necklace from Claire’s Accessories.  Cut a small piece of plain ribbon and glue over the ends of the feathers, glue in place and leave to dry.  Take the pieces of jewellery and arrange to suit, glue these in place and leave to dry.

step 4

step 6


step 8


step 9


6. Once the embellishment is dry, stitch on to the headband and – Ta-Dah!


lady lotty



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2 Responses to Very “Downton” – make a 1920’s Headband

  1. It starts off as shepherds outfits when they’re small and you’re still making Christmas outfits when they are all grown up!!!

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