Social Media – just HOW social is it!

There has been lots of muttering on Facebook recently about proposed changes in how the company uses your personal data and also how it intends to use images you post on your personal page.  Now I see there are to be changes to how Facebook allows people to post on a business or groups page.  There is a very good analysis to be found here:

So basically the reason I have seen a sharp decline in the numbers of people seeing my Paisley Pedlar Facebook posts is because I won’t pay to advertise.  I am not selling anything, just sharing what I have been up to.  If you want to buy my work I can be contacted through my website (

There is nothing “social” about these new rules which unfairly penalize independent artists and makers like me.  Of course I understand that Facebook is a multimillion dollar money-making enterprise and needs to continue to make money, but surely there is enough advertising already without forcing independent artists and makers to pay to post if they want their Followers to see what they are doing.

I will be continuing with this blog, but from January I will also be making more use of Twitter to announce stuff and Instagram to share pictures.  Find me here:

Twitter –

Instagram –

I wanted to post the article from Making A Mark on my Paisley Pedlar Facebook ( page, but it was blocked – I could share it on my personal page however, make of that what you will!


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2 Responses to Social Media – just HOW social is it!

  1. For some reason your link to my blog in this post keeps coming up as an error on my dashboard

    Could you please change it to and make sure that all the html is included in the link.

    Thanks in anticipation of you making the change – I’ll then be able to cross one of the crawl errors of my Google Webmaster tools Dashboard!

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