Let there be light!

…and so the final day had arrived, the day when my lampshade would finally find its shape and form.  I arrived at Handprinted in Bognor Regis (www.handprinted.net) this morning in perfect time for a welcoming cup of tea with the other students made by Shirley – our tutor and Print Guru after which it was time to head upstairs to the mezzanine level print room.  Today was all about turning a flat piece of printed cloth into a 3 dimensional lampshade, so without much ado I was busy with the iron!  Normally I am not terribly keen on ironing but somehow if it is to do with something art related it doesn’t seem like such a chore!  Once flat the fabric was measured out ready for the addition of the plastic backing which stiffens the fabric and enables it to become a cylinder.

prepped and ready

Ironed and measured

backing on

Backing on

Once the backing was firmly fixed and any bubbles/creases removed to make it absolutely flat it is time to trim the long edges.

edges off

Trimming the long edges

Now for the sticky bit; using double-sided tape the metal hoops which form the shape of the shade are covered around their perimeter.  This is sticky and tricky as once covered they can’t be placed on a flat surface as they will stick to it.  Shirley has an answer to this problem and gave us each a small stool placed on its side so the hoops can be hung from the legs – genius!

stool device

Genius sticky hoop holder!

The next stage is crucial rolling the sticky hoops along the edges of the plastic backed fabric to form the body of the lampshade.

top and bottom

Rolling, rolling, rolling!

almost there

Rolled and ready

Time for the final finishing bit, turn the top and bottom edges over the hoops and then setting them in place using an ingenious serrated edge tool which makes a disconcerting popping sound to fix the fabric in place around the hoops.

popping tool

Ingenious “popping” tool

… and TAA_DAHH!!


The finished lampshade (with Ruth and Shirley behind)

One of the best things about this session was seeing everyone elses lampshades coming to life and how different each was bearing in mind we all started off with the same plain white piece of fabric.


All the lampshades from the workshop

I think that we all managed to produce something unique and to a very high standard of finish, any one of these would not look out of place in that mecca of middle-class style –  John Lewis!

light on

My new shade on its base

light off

and All Lit Up

I am really pleased with my effort and enjoyed the past 3 weeks immensely, it was a great course led by a great tutor in the shape of Shirley and a great group of fellow students.


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2 Responses to Let there be light!

  1. It looks fabulous Gill. Well done. I would be thrilled to have made that.

  2. Thanks Sonia. We could get a couple of kits and spend a day doing this in the New Year before you go off on your travels perhaps?

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