and some more Handprinting….

Today was the second session of the making a screen printed lampshade course.  After an eventful drive to Handprinted ( in Bognor Regis in the pouring rain, I arrived together with my co-students to a warm welcome from Shirley (the boss!) and some very welcome tea!  Today was all about getting the photo stencil layer added to the design, so everyone took turns in exposing their screens on the light box to get their design on a silk screen ready for printing.

photo stencil

my photo stencil design ready to print

day 2 work space

my work space

3rd layer section

section of printed fabric design

It has been really interesting to see everyone’s designs develop and not least also the differences in complexity and style.  It is a great group as well, consisting of only 7 students there is always time for a friendly chat… or some naughtiness – yes Ethel and Maud – you know who you are!!!!!  I am really looking forward to the last session next week to see how everyone’s hard work comes together as a finished item – exciting times!

day 2

busy, busy, busy!


and busier, busier, busier!


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