There is always debate about artists who do workshops – is it displacement activity, is it because they aren’t ‘proper’ artists?  I disagree with both these suggestions, there is always something to be learned and nobody can ever claim to know everything even if they are well-versed in a particular field or discipline.  I have been looking forward to this 3 half day course  to screen print and make a lampshade for some time now, and while I have done a fair bit of screen printing at various times over the past 10 years, I am not an expert and there is always something new to be learned.

The course is taking place at Handprinted in Bognor Regis, a new print studio and fabulous shop supplying everything you need for printmaking. (www.handprinted.net)  There were 7 of us this morning all keen to get going and Shirley, the owner of Handprinted greeted us with a warm welcome and coffee – there were even some very yummy Brownies left over from a social event the previous evening!


the studio at Handprinted

The new studio area is well equipped with adjustable trestle print tables, a dedicated textiles bed, photo exposure unit and washout bay all on the spacious mezzanine level of the Handprinted shop/warehouse.  Shirley is an excellent tutor and took time to explain what needed to be done and how clearly before letting us all loose to “do our thing”.  This first 3 hour session was about cutting and printing paper stencils to create the basis for a design on our lampshade.

cutting stencil

cutting a paper stencil


paper stencils ready to go

prepd screen

ready to pull the first stencil print

1st colour


2 tone

2-colour stencil print

So now I have a length of cotton fabric with a 2 colour design printed on it.  Next week we are adding a photo stencil design – exciting!  (Just need to get my next design sorted out).  The final week will see the actual making up of the finished lampshade.  watch this space for my progress.


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2 Responses to Handprinting!

  1. I know what you mean about those subtle feelings of whether an ‘established artist’ should be taking a workshop. People who question this don’t understand the creative process. Artists are always learning. I think it shows stature, to be open to learning no matter how advanced one is.
    The workshop looks great, have fun.

  2. I totally agree Sarah there is always something to be learned and I think it makes us all the better for that. The workshop was really good fun and I have got to know some lovely people and found a new studio facility where I can go to do the sort of print work I can’t do in my own studio!

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