A Birds Eye View

I like tall buildings.  I particularly like the views which can be seen from the top of tall buildings.  As a child my parents took me to the top of Blackpool Tower and I remember being overwhelmed by how far I could see and at how tiny people looked from a great height.  This early experience has been followed up over the years by visits to the Empire State Building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Fehrnsehturm in Berlin, Philadelphia City Hall and the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth to name a few.  When I discovered that the Shard had a viewing platform open to the public I had to add this to my ‘Tall Building/Big View’ list.  The weather yesterday wasn’t great, but the view was unimpaired.  Actually the best part was watching a rain storm cross South London and then see the sun break through.  At £25 a head it’s not cheap, but if you are a ‘tall building/ big view’ nut like me, its money well spent!

shard 5

Here comes the rain

shard 4

There it goes

shard 6


shard 3

shard 2

shard 1

London from 3 sides



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2 Responses to A Birds Eye View

  1. porolesole says:

    Wonderful pics. So much more dramatic than on a sunny day. Loved the sun breaking through. Well done. C

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