James Bond wannabees and French Retro

Never let it be said that my local town – Horsham doesn’t know how to host crowd pulling events! Having said that however, I know for certain that there are a great many people out there who would say exactly that, but the odd bi-annual event which took place today – The Horsham Fayre certainly pulled in the crowds.  Perhaps it was the balmy sunny weather, so mild for early October, perhaps it was the free Sunday parking (a definite plus in the face of the controversial new parking regime being introduced in the town at present); or perhaps it was the French Food and Vintage market; who knows, but the town was certainly buzzing.

One of the reasons I went to town today was to see the local Aston Martin Owners Club parade their super-expensive super cars in the town centre.

east street

Aston Martin Vantage’s in East Street

Lined up in East Street were the playthings of the super rich with their personalised number plates


Personal plates on Aston Martin DB7

these sporty little numbers retail from around £40,000 on the second hand market and the prices seem to go UP not down!  Interestingly they seem to be reasonable well-appointed, and so they should be at that cost, but I couldn’t help feeling they are a little cramped in the cabin area – and yes, I do know they are really a 2 seater!


Interior of a modern Aston Martin

The basic car hasn’t really changed much since the heady days of being the “Bond” car, and a little further down the road was a DB5 in silver but without the added ‘extras’, you know the ones – machine guns, rockets, steel blade hidden in the wire wheels, armoured plate and of course ejector seat!  For such a classic car in lovely condition, it did look more than a little uncomfortable inside and a closer look at a different model of the same age confirmed this.


Aston Martin DB5

old interior

Interior of  DB Mark III circa 1958

The car above (DB Mark III) has in fact been in the ownership of the same family for almost all of its life and is in the sort of condition you may expect, it isn’t a restoration project, has been resprayed British Racing Green from its original Champagne colour and looks like it is well-loved and well used.  Personally I rather like seeing classic cars like this, in daily use as opposed to the immaculate showroom condition restoration jobs.  After all, cars are for driving aren’t they?  Mind you, a notice about the car displayed on its windscreen mentioned it has problems with overheating – a quick internet search reveals that Aston Martin do have a bit of history when it comes to overall reliability.  Still, they look and sound very impressive!


Aged Aston engine compartment – note rack with spare spark plugs “just in case”

The Carfax was playing host to a French Food and Vintage Market,  an interesting choice for an event billed “The Horsham Fayre”, but I suppose continental markets are cheap and readily available even if they don’t outwardly appear to have a real connection to the town; mind you, I’m not altogether sure exactly what the Horsham Fayre event actually IS celebrating – apart from spending an hour or so enjoying fast cars and food in the sunshine.   All manner of French food was on offer from an array of sausage and cured meats to a stall selling the most varieties of garlic I have ever seen!


Aww-haw-hehaw!  French Garlic!

It seems that the French are particularly keen on pictures of ‘cute’ dogs on their handbags, that is if the stall selling these was anything to go by…

dog bags

Doggie Bags

Other stalls sold items such as lovely blocks of soap and vintage (or vintage style) decorative goods.  I think the oddest stall was the one selling fabric floral and butterfly headdresses, great for little girls if you can get  the rather scary looking display model out of your head!


Very pretty perfumed French soaps


Frenchified retro scooter and dolls pram


Really scary looking display head on butterfly headdress stall

Of course, no real retro event would be complete without an Airstream caravan, that icon of 1940’s and 50’s America and here is one all dressed out as an Art Deco Cocktail and Crepes bar – fabulous!



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One Response to James Bond wannabees and French Retro

  1. porolesole says:

    Funny, when you live in a town, you need someone from outside to show you what you missed.
    Thanks PP. Sent it on to Bros.

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