All action art!

Sometimes the sudden impromptu exhibition visits throws up something amazing and the Great Electronic Art Show currently at The Lightbox in Woking is no exception.  Truthfully, I hadn’t the slightest idea that this was on until an e-bulletin dropped in to my inbox, and even then I didn’t take much notice of it.  It was only when I spotted a reference to ‘fully interactive’ that I actually took time to have a look properly.  I visit loads of art shows through the course of a year and two things that are generally actively discouraged are touching exhibits and photography.  Well this exhibition invites you to do BOTH!

art show

Another great thing about this show is that it is FREE!  So now we have three great reasons to visit. On entry to the exhibition the first exhibit is a set of venting hose like those used for extractor fans and tumble dryers  filled with coloured lights which when a button is pressed  gradually suck themselves up the wall – awesome!

light tubes

musical self sucking hoses

The room is packed with all kinds of weird and wacky interactive things, but for me one of the most interesting things was the display of small items created by 3D printers.  I was flabbergasted!  I have read much about 3D printing but had not until now actually seen any.  Now I am a complete fan of this amazing, ground breaking technology which is going to revolutionise  the way we manufacture and visualise things.  The items on display are a group of  gewgaws, but it is easy to see how this technology will change the way we make things forever.  I am in awe!


3D printed adjustable spanner (life size)

Other fun and interactive things include a table tennis table with a light up table, a playable bottle organ built from old bits of wood and empty wine bottles, a remote-controlled car with coloured pens attached to draw with, the ‘old school’ Etch-a-Sketch and a great giant plasma screen that captures your shadow and projects it on to the screen in different colours.  This si not an exhaustive listing, the best way to see it is to actually SEE IT!  It’s a good hour well spent – if you take part in all the activities and great fun.  Great for kiddies and adults alike more exhibitions should be like this!  Art should be fun and accessible for all.

table tennis

Interactive table tennis table

etch a sketch

The ‘technology’ of my youth – Etch-a-Sketch with dinosaur drawing!

bottle organ

Bottle Organ

light screen

Multiple Me’s on the plasma screen

The Lightbox is also a vibrant and lively cultural space and hosts many community activities and events.  The results of the work of one of these community groups can be seen hanging at the end of the landing on the first floor.called ‘Stitching Your Memories’ members of the Moorcroft  Day Centre, put together a fabric piece which they made through knitting, crochet, felt,  pompoms,  bobbles,  French knitting or finger knitting. Working with fabric artist Kathryn Hitchings, they have incorporated elements of their own memories into the final work, which will be displayed at The Lightbox.




Stitching your Memories at The Lightbox

I loved this artwork and reading some of the memories was quite poignant.  this is community arts at its best, interesting, engaging, fun but with a serious message; to use that over-used cliché comment… “thought-provoking”.


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