Call Noah!

My first post for 2014 has to be a topical one… namely the dreadful weather we are currently experiencing.    Christmas time and the New Year always seem the right time of year for a bit of snow and frosty mornings, this year instead we have rain; lots and lots of rain, oh and some wind, and a bit more wind, in fact lots of very strong wind.  Christmas all seems a very long time ago.

It’s been a good two weeks now that we have been battered by high wind and rain, our Christmas was threatened by the power cut that lasted all of Christmas Eve, although fortunately for us it came back on not long before midnight.  Sadly other folks in surrounding areas were not so lucky and spent a cold, damp and dark Christmas.  Our fences along two boundaries to the garden have blown down, and in a couple of places have quite literally disintegrated in the wind – looks like our Winter Sale shopping will be at the local DIY and Hardware stores!  Still I am lucky enough to live high up enough not to get flooded.  Sadly this is not the case for many living in surrounding areas.


Nice weather for Geese!


… and for Dogs!

white hart stopham                       pub car park

The White Hart at Stopham, Pulborough falls victim to the water

stopham 1  pulbro 1

pulbro 2

Water, water everywhere

Finally, this amusing sign spotted in a country lane not too far from my home during the summer really sums it up… I suppose I should really photograph it again  and see if someone has found Noah!

find noah


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