Santa Claus is Coming to Town

It’s THAT time of year again, even though it sometimes seems like it’s been “almost” Christmas since August, finally it is December and time to get a tree.  Last year I bought mine from the Santa Fir Christmas Tree Farm (www.santafir .com) near Cranleigh, and because it was such  a nice tree, I went there again.  This year it was a whole family affair with My PP and both (adult) daughters in attendance; let’s face it, Christmas Tree purchase is a very important part of the whole Christmas ‘Thing’.  Best of all, in keeping with tradition, it was raining!


A cheery wave from “Santa”

Obviously before a tree is selected a visit to the Gardenarium Christmas decorations barn is called for.  Last year there was a huge variety of decorations, some nice while others less so.  I think that this year there was less to see, but some that still brought a smile to the lips, such as these very odd plastic battery operated ‘Candles’.  These were probably not going to be a best seller, but I am sure that they will look delightful in someone’s home… just not in mine!

battery candles

Odd plastic “Candles”

The outdoor lighting section was vastly depleted this year as well, but perhaps that is more to so with the current economic situation surrounding fuel prices.

bear lights

Sparkling Bears


Choirs of Angels

This year there was a new log cabin which housed a decorative interiors store called Three French Hens.  Obviously I had to have a look round, and inevitably I bought something, a pair of small glass car baubles!

Outside again and  time to choose the tree. With so many to choose from and so many choosers, it wasn’t as easy as it seems, but we did find one we all agreed on (actually I chose it and the decision was made!)


Although the Santa Grotto was closed – not that we wanted to visit, because I think we are all a bit old for that now; there was herd of Reindeer grazing in the forest…


…and a few hiding out on the veranda of the Three French Hens shop…

more reindeerbut this wins my award for the most unusual wreath of the year…

gourd wreath

Christmas wreath made from gourds

I have to confess that I have always liked decorating the tree, it was always exciting when I was a child, and while the anticipation of childhood has worn off, I do still like to see a sparkly tree.  Over the years I have done all kinds of different things and themes in terms of colours, but somehow so many of these colour themes seem a bit contrived, and remind me of shop windows.  For the past couple of years I have been seeking out quirky and somewhat unusual baubles.  I already have a selection of vintage baubles from my Mum, which I remember hanging on the tree when I was a child as well as the boxes of different coloured balls that I have purchased across the years.  I prefer proper glass decorations to plastic as I think they reflect light better and look prettier.  Normally I buy just the one new bauble, but this year I went a bit mad and bought 5! (Hope Mr PP isn’t reading this!)  My new baubles for 2013 can be seen here…

santa bike

Santa on his Chopper!

mrs santa

Saucy Mrs Claus


Grumpy Moose

car 1

Odd glass car 1

car 2

Odd glass car 2

Some of the other odder tree decorations in my collection are…


A blast from the 80’s – Garfield on ski’s

andrew brownsword

One of a set of  miniature Forever Friends bears depicting the 12 days of Christmas


I love these quirky painted wooden “Christmas Jumpers”

and finally… the finished tree (apologies for the blueness of image).

trees 2


Ho!Ho! Ho!  Merry Christmas!


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  1. Cant wait to see it, love saucy Mrs Claus, shes fab, decorations envy!

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