Dabbling with daubing – rubbing out mistakes

Arrghhhhh! I have made a mistake on this painting.  I got a bit carried away and overworked the central vase, but fortunately I have managed to scrape most of the paint off again so once this has dried out a bit I can start again.  The problem is that I actually like the scraped off bit and am now sorely tempted to leave it as it is and just paint in the pattern on top.  Oh decisions, decisions…

rubbing out

“Rubbing out” the middle vase

I have also been investigating mixing up a silver colour in paint.  I realise that you can buy ready-made metallic paint in acrylic format, although I am not sure if this is so for oil paint.  However, I decided that I should have a go at mixing up a silver colour and see how it works. To get to silver I used equal small amounts of ultramarine, phathlo blue, burnt sienna and burnt umber and to this mix I added white gradually.  The “silver” in real-life does have a sort of silvery ‘sheen’ to it, although I think that perhaps it needs to be a little brighter and lighter, so it looks like I will be scraping back some more tomorrow!

silver mix  silver alchemy

Testing the silver mix and the mixing palette 

spoons“Silver” tea spoons

Looking again, the spoons are definitely a little too dark, and I have also already scraped away part of the area which will form the lower teaspoon bowl.  Next job then is to work on the silver areas before returning to add in the pattern details on the rest of the cups and pots.

big picture 2

The bigger picture so far….


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2 Responses to Dabbling with daubing – rubbing out mistakes

  1. It’s looking good Gill. I also like the scraped back vase very much. How often we hit on something though our mistakes!

  2. Thanks for that Sonia, I am more and more leaning towards leaving it as it is 🙂

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