Dabbling with Daubing – back in the saddle

It’s been a while since I last did any work on my painting as I have been busy doing some other things just recently.  Still, this hasn’t been a problem as it has allowed the paint to dry out a little bit.  That is one of the big draw backs to working with oil paint, it does take a while to dry.  Still, I spent a couple of hours working on it today and have started to put some sort of dimensional appearance to the objects.  I know this makes them look as if they are floating against the busy background, but this is intentional and so far I am quite pleased with the way it is shaping up.


I am still working in blue (ultramarine) and white, although today has seen the additional of a little Paynes Grey.  The biggest challenge now is painting the objects as these are entirely fictional.  I haven’t drawn them from a still-life set up and don’t have any photographs which could help.  All I have is a fairly blurry magazine clipping with an image of an unusual teapot and some tea bowls full of tea to push me along, so there is plenty to think about now that I have come to the actual objects such as solidity, direction of light and shade on the objects.  I have decided not to place shading under or around the objects on the background which is why they will appear to float over the background pattern.  Not quite sure how this will work, but we shall see.  Nowt wrong with a bit of experimenting is there!

cups 2


Tea bowls taking shape


Close up of tea bowls

Obviously there is still a fair old way to go yet, not least the addition of the patterns to the objects – this painting will be pattern overload!




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