Dabbling with Daubing – Day 4

Day 4 of “the Big Painting” (I missed a day yesterday) and I have managed to get the “blocking in” of the main picture components done.  I have decided to work with oil paint as I prefer it to acrylic, even though it takes so much longer to dry.  Actually this is one of the qualities that makes me like it more than acrylic, the fact that I can come back to it after an hour, or a day and still be able to work on the wet colour, blending and building it up.


Paint in action!

I have chosen to complete this painting in blue and white, with a small section of green.  All the stencilled shapes have been underpainted (blocked in) in Ultramarine, while the background will remain white.  Under-painting the background areas gave me no end of trouble spotting where I had painted and where I hadn’t – white on white ain’t easy!

This is the work so far, still only small areas of the overall picture – the “big reveal” will come when it is finished!

blocking 3

blocking 1

blocking 2

Under painting of stencilled areas


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