Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Origin Story: Beginnings

Why did I start to write my blog, good question… a friend suggested it!  Being a naturally reserved (shy) person I had avoided blogging as it seemed that I might reveal more of myself than I may have found comfortable.  A chat over tea with a good friend about their blog  planted the seed in my head and I thought – why not give it a go?  If it was awful I could always abandon it.

At first I intended to focus on Art and Art related things as this is where my main interests lie; as the blog has developed I have strayed away from this and other things have crept in such as visits to country houses and gardens and mini ‘tutorials’ showing how I make things.  Is this good or bad, should a blog focus only on one field of interest?  I don’t think so.  My blog is about the things I find interesting and I think that if I like it, someone somewhere else might also like it and that’s got to make it worth sharing.

My biggest dilemma is imagery.  I love to photograph ‘stuff’.  I am not a great photographer of landscape/people/whatever, but I do like to try to capture images of things that interest me, and subsequently I like to share some of these on the blog.  The issue is whether or not it should be purely photographic or words; or really have I got the balance just about right?

So, as a ‘writer’ that is why I started my blog, to share things with others.  Now as a photographer here is an image that I think shows the theme “Beginnings”.

street art

Birth of a Street Art masterpiece – Chichester 2013


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Artist, Sewist, sometime Cyclist and Arm Chair Activist
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One Response to Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Origin Story: Beginnings

  1. Love your blog, the balance of photographs and writing is perfect. You also write so well, its interesting and funny. Im so glad you write about lots of topics, love the gardening ones.

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