Hedgetrimmer Massacre


This is my front garden before the Great Sussex Hedgetrimmer Massacre. Actually this picture was taken last year and the hedge and shrubs had grown rather drastically and had got somewhat out of control; that is until I decided to set to with the hedgetrimmer!  I love power tools, they’re so exciting.  I love the way the hedgetrimmer slices through the foliage like butter, so much easier than when I used to have to cut everything by hand with shears and pruners.  The trouble is I can easily get a bit carried away and this happened the other day while trimming the hedge; still I can justify my zeal because the hedge has crept forward over my neighbour’s drive about 8-10 inches and by about 12 inches across the pavement; not that it notices as it is very thick and neat looking (just trying to justify my tardiness in keeping my shrubs under control here!)  The same had happened to the bushes under the window, how on earth the window cleaner manages to get to the window I don’t know.  Still, NO MORE!  With a pull of the trigger and whirr of blades it was gone!

massacre      after

During the hedgetrimmer massacre and After

Strangely I actually like it with less foliage, could be time to get the power tools out again!


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3 Responses to Hedgetrimmer Massacre

  1. Okay thats it Gill, you are banned from the coming to visit the garden this week! xx

  2. Awwww…. I promise that the hedgetrimmer is now safely locked away in the shed!

  3. I know what you mean I’m exactly the same, when I get out the hedge trimmer I feel like I’ve turned on my mad man switch, it’s such a satisfying feeling slicing through that growth, the power. We’re just control freaks at heart!!!

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