My Space

I love my studio space and I am very lucky to have such a great place to work in, so I thought I would share it with you – in pictures anyway.  It is a wooden garden office/studio made by Crane Sheds and Summerhouses of Norfolk, and is built from shiplapped exterior wood planks with tongue and groove internal walls, fully insulated walls and floor with double glazed windows and door.  One of my favourite things is the roof which has grey slate effect synthetic roof tiles which give the building roof protection against UV rays, wind, hail and fire – they look fabulous as well!

studio 4My Shed

Being in my garden I am lucky to have a great outlook all year round.  One of my favourite things is to watch the birds on the bird feeder coming and going and there are certainly enough of them!  Mainly sparrows and blue tits all year round but with others coming in at different times of the year including Robin, Starling, Blackbird, (fat) pigeons and some very clever crows which live in the massive oak tree over the road and who have learned to eat seed from the bird feeders.  It’s hilarious watching them flapping their wings as they try to keep a foothold on the feeding perches!

garden 3 garden 2

                                                      garden 1

The ‘view’ outside my workspace

Inside my shed I have tried to fill it with things that apart from being the ‘tools of my trade’ also reflect my personality as well as some of the work that is created in there.

  studio 2     studio 1

My print table (left) and the cowprint ironing board cover (right)

hook1  footprints  clock

Above left: Linocut of the head of Christ; Middle: a pair of foot map drypoint print plates; Above Right: Moulded record clock and stitched self-portrait

machine box

brushes  Left: Paint brushes and silk screens

Top left: My trusty machine and Top Right: my workbox

studio 3The above final image shows my pin board full of some of my favourite pictures: a Guerilla Girls card, a pair of doughnuts, a Moomin Mama card in Norweigan from my daughter, some bits of free motion machine embroidery made by me, a set of skull brooches, a card of a weird fashion wheel, a multi coloured picture of me painted by a fellow student from University and a photo of a pile of wood washed up on Worthing beach a few years ago when a cargo boat sank.  There is more, and I think really I should get a new pin board!

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into “My World”, I love my shed!


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7 Responses to My Space

  1. i am loving your studio its wonderful really creative space not like mine all upside down!!

  2. Thank you – I did try to make sure it looked reasonably tidy! 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    I love your ‘Shed’, I feel very honoured to have been inside the real thing. I think it needs a title though like ‘Sir Shed’! or ‘Shed C.B.E’–crafter, blogger, extraordinaire! x

  4. Carol Gardner says:

    Thank you for taking me inside your studio. It IS tidy. Mine is messy even when tidy. But I like it like that. Makes me think I am actually being creative. Self delusion.

    • I am definitely a compulsive obsessive about tidyness, I really don’t do chaos – but that’s just me! Between you and I there is also an element of displacement activity in tidying….

  5. Oh Kate you are funny! 🙂

  6. Michelle Barber says:

    Hi Gill – I found your article browsing online and I work on behalf of Cranes and would like to open up a dialogue with you about perhaps having a “featured studio” section on the Crane website – please could you contact me to discuss this further? Thanks 🙂

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