Projects, projects, projects – the end of the felt

So after chopping several of the felt samples from my recent workshop day up and turning them into ‘beautiful’ things – can I say that about my own work?  I was left with a few odd scraps which seemed too big to throw away, but also not big enough to make anything with.  I was so loathe to throw them away that I felt compelled to make something with them and when I found a spare key that needed a key ring to keep it safe, that seemed to be the perfect solution.

Gathering all the tiny scraps together I cut out various leaf shapes from the Southdowns felt and the Nuno felt and stitched them all together in a sort of semi-circle, added a small wooden button (part of a bag of freebies with a magazine a while ago) and a key ring snap.  It looked OK, but only OK.  It really needed to be more solid, but how to make the soft and floaty Nuno felt hard?  That’s where the wonderful Paverpol comes in.  I coated the whole thing with clear Paverpol and left it to dry overnight, hanging it up in my studio.  By morning it was wonderfully hard while still looking soft and fluffy and had also taken on a more sculptural shape – perfect!

keyring 2felt scraps keyring


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