Projects, projects, projects – more felt corsages

It would be true to say that I can be a bit predictable.  I love corsages, and indeed brooches generally – although I know they aren’t terribly fashionable, no idea why.  So when I decided to make a felt corsage from a sample of felt I had made on a felting workshop recently, several people commented and smiled knowingly!  Well, true to form I’ve been at it again!

This recent felting workshop left me with several sample pieces of freshly handmade (by me) felt, and I really wanted to make something with them instead of just putting them in a drawer and forgetting about them – which is what often happens!  Hands up who else does that!  One of the samples was a piece of 3D felt, which started out as a small pocket bag, but during the felting process it took on a life of its own and grew a beard-like flap from the lower edge a bit like some sort of demented sporran.  It was quite wet when I took it home and so to speed up the drying process and to test if the promised texture would appear, I put it in the tumble dryer.  Hmmm, maybe not my best idea as it shrank into a very odd shape with a flappy bit hanging off the bottom, but on the plus side it did develop a lovely bumpy texture as well.  Clearly it could never be useful as a receptacle of any kind, but what else to do with it?  After a bit of head scratching it came to me in a blinding flash… how about a corsage!

I set about drawing a template of a cluster of petals and cut these from the felt.  On placing them together it became apparent that it was bit dull looking and needed a ‘lift’  This came in the form of the small sample piece of Nuno felt.  The lovely soft flowing fibres embedded into the delicate silk chiffon was the perfect foil to the densely felted main body of the flower.  I cut a couple of oval shaped petals and stitched these to the flower, added a brooch pin and ta-dah!!!

blue flowerMy latest felt corsage modelled by Kat



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2 Responses to Projects, projects, projects – more felt corsages

  1. oh I love brooches and corsages too I make them all the time to bighten up my clothes for my patients as we don’t wear uniforms. They often comment on them. Love this one of yoursni’ve never made a felted one before so that gives me an idea for that felt I havexx

  2. Thank you for your kind words, brooches are great aren’t they. I find I often choose one that reflects how I am feeling as well as something that compliemnts what I am wearing. I’d love to see some of your creations, you should do a blog post…

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