Projects, projects, projects – hankys

Recently I seem to have had several small projects on the go at once.  The other day my friend Kate had a birthday and I really wanted to give her something personal.  I had already bought her a small craft related gift from a recent visit to the Whitchurch Silk Mill in Hampshire, but I still felt she deserved something more personal, the question was.. what? I was leafing through a crafts magazine when I spotted a project to decorate a hanky.  Perfect!  Now I feel that when you set out to make someone something you should try to make as much of it as possible, so I had a root through my fabric stash and found some Turban Cotton (a lovely soft fine weave cotton fabric) which I then cut into a 30cm square, finished the edges and then set about thinking up what to embroider on it.

Kate has a lovely bright red Pashley vintage-style bicycle and enjoys riding it round the lanes and by the canal near her home, and this is what I decided should go on the hanky.  I drew up a vintage bicycle design and traced it off onto greaseproof paper using a nifty Transfer Pencil that I had bought recently.  Now the design can be ironed directly on to the fabric (and reused in the future) ready for embroidering – just like the old style iron-on carbons you used to get for embroidery designs in magazines back in the day!  Once finished I embroidered the words “I like to ride my bicycle” on the opposite edge and added a trim round the edge of the hanky.  Ironed flat, it looked crisp and fresh and I think made a lovely gift when wrapped in soft tissue paper.  I was so happy when Kate texted me the following day to say how delighted she was with it!

bike    words

My hand embroidered hanky



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One Response to Projects, projects, projects – hankys

  1. Katie says:

    Lovely, lovely Gill, it is such a wonderful present, I cant tell you how special it it, I am at last home today and have been looking at it again, I love the spokes on the bike and how they sit slightly away from the fabric, its fab, Im hoping to take Poppy out to see the blue bells today, I shall carefully fold my hanky and slip it in my pocket. Thankyou Gill xx
    P.s I used the scissors yesterday they are brilliant ! xx See you soon

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