Make some Brilliant Bicycle Bunting

In honour of the annual Tweed Run I was inspired to prettify my trusty Dorothy (my bike) and while I was wasting some time browsing Pinterest; actually that should read;  researching for ideas on Pinterest  I came across this lady who crochet’s flowers and squares to make into decorations for bicycle baskets, she also crochets saddle covers and handle bar ends.  I was love struck!  The down side is that I am totally rubbish at crochet (and knitting for that matter) so any ideas that I may have been nurturing about crocheting my own quickly evaporated.  But I still really wanted to make something for my bike!  Then it hit me, how about some bunting from fabric and fortunately I have made loads of bunting in the past so it seemed to be the perfect solution.


Here’s how I did it:

1.      1.  Draw a pattern for the pennant shape (I used triangles, but they could be square, rectangles, semi circles…) on paper making sure you have left enough allowance for seams.


2.       Measure out enough tape to reach round your bike basket rim, add in 30 cms to either end for tying the bunting on.


3.       Lay out paper patterns on to your chosen fabric and cut out pennants.  *I like to have double sided pennants, but you could choose to only have a single layer of fabric pennant.


4.       For double side pennants: iron pennants flat, place right side to right side, pin and stitch round outside edges leaving top open.  Turn right sides out and press flat.  Finish raw edges using zigzag stitch or overlocker.


5.       Place pennants along the length of your tape leaving enough spare at either end (I left 30cms at each end) to tie bunting to basket.  *If your tape has a front and back, then make sure you pin so the tape covers the finished top edge of the pennants.  Stitch in place.


6.       Add any top stitching/embellishment to the bunting and tape.


7.       Press the whole flat and now attach to the top edge of your bike basket – Taa Dahh!

(To make sure the bunting doesn’t slip, I added a small stitch through the tape and basket rim in 3 places to hold it all in place.)



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2 Responses to Make some Brilliant Bicycle Bunting

  1. love that bunting i think i might make one for my pashley bycyclexx

  2. Oh you should… in fact how amazing would it be if everyone with traditional style bikes had some lovely bicycle bunting! 🙂

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