Fabulous Ferrari’s and Prancing Ponies – part one

The Easter weekend sort of crept up on me really, one moment it was snowing and wintery the next it was Easter – traditionally a time to celebrate all things spring-like – lambs, baby bunnies swathes of daffodils and bit of warmth in the air and even a bit of sunshine. Hmmm, not quite so this year, being early and also in the coldest March since 1962 it was lucky that the annual Italia in the Piazza festival in Horsham managed to bask in a little lukewarm sunshine on Good Friday. This weekend celebrating all things Italian has become a firmly established event in the Horsham town calendar with Good Friday being the day to see Ferrari’s from the Sussex Ferrari Club out in force. This year visitors weren’t disappointed with almost 100 gleaming bright red super cars parked up in and around the Carfax. (In fact there were 98 cars on show of which I think about 10, were not red!)

red sea                                             A sea of red Ferrari’s in Horsham Carfax

It’s difficult to explain what a wondrous sight 98 Ferrari’s actually is, and what I found even more incredible was the amount of F40’s which had a personalised number plate with F40 being either the prefix or suffix; the cherished number plate sellers must be laughing all the way to the bank!


As well as Ferrari’s on Good Friday, there is an Italian food market trading throughout the weekend as well as various side shows and family events. Pair of Roman soldiers was spotted patrolling the town centre, rather them than me, as despite the sunshine the wind was very chilly and temperatures must have been only about 6 degrees at best! An amusing addition to the Italian atmosphere was the ‘Gondolier’ travelling round the town on his mini motorised gondola complete with operatic tunes playing!

                            romans   gondola

‘Romans’ in Horsham               Just one Cornetto…..

                mirage    classic    500

Laverda Mirage                 Classic Ferrari                Fun Fiat 500

Watching the Ferrari’s leave en-masse is a sight to behold and is also a bit of an assault on the ear drums. What is most amazing is the enormous variety of variations of each model, I am sure that no two cars were identical, but what they all had in common was the iconic prancing black horse badge!

red 88                                                                   Departing V88 Red


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2 Responses to Fabulous Ferrari’s and Prancing Ponies – part one

  1. nuvofelt says:

    Goodness! I bet it was noisy. What fun!

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