Sticky Liquid Alchemy

I do like to try out a new skill or art technique from time to time and have always fancied myself as a closet sculptor, but don’t have the ‘touch’ when it comes to more traditional sculpting materials like clay; so when a friend told me about Paverpol and how versatile it is my interest was immediately peeked.
Paverpol is a textile hardener, and works by painting it onto any natural material – wool, cotton,, linen, silk, paper (mulberry/khadi etc)the painted fabric can then be moulded and once dry you have a solid permanent sculpture which is waterproof. To find out more, I went with my daughter Lotty to make a figurine with Irma of Creations by Irma ( ).
We started out by making an armature from electrical wire which we then strengthened further with some lengths of copper soldering wire.

blog 5

This was then taped to a base and the after shaping the wire the basic framework was complete. The next stage was to cover the wire with aluminium foil and masking tape, adding in a head and building up other bodily features as required.

blog 4Does her bum look big in this…

Once this was complete we painted the whole figure with the Paverpol and covered it with strips of a soft gauze-like fabric and painted them in Paverpol before leaving it all to dry. Subsequent coats of Paverpol mixed with Paverplus were added after which it was time to dress our ‘ladies’.

                blog 3         blog 1       blog 2

Busy sculpting, painting and draping

The addition of ‘clothes’ makes use of strips of thin natural fabric such as t shirting, cotton polishing stockinet which is coated in Paverpol and then draped around the figure following the contours of the sculpture.

figureMy beautiful lady

The whole is left to dry and once done it can be placed inside or in the garden (as Paverpol is fully waterproof). Paverpol comes in many different colours and can be painted with acrylic paint if desired.
It was a fabulous way to spend a few hours being creative and chatting to the delightful Irma. To find out more about this amazingly versatile material have a look at and .

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Above left: some creations by Irma and above right: Irma and Bazinga


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  1. Looks Great. Such fun!!!

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