Joining in again

I’ve been joining in again!  Hot on the heels of the submissions I made for exhibition call outs earlier this year I have been busy making work for two more projects.

The first of these is the Button Project, a show of handmade buttons made by over 300 artists from all over the UK and beyond and which will be shown alongside the silk costume collection at Macclesfield Heritage Centre as part of the Barnaby Festival 14 June to 8 August; ( and  My button takes the form of a cover button made from linen on to which I have digitally printed a drawing I made of a traditional style plastic button.  I call it the “This ain’t no button” button; a sort of homage to Magritte’s Pipe painting – Ceci n’est pas une pipe (This is not a Pipe).  There will be about 300 buttons made by artists working in all mediums and materials and it looks like it will be a great little show.  I am so excited to be part of it!

Gillian Collins button   Gillian Collins (Paisley Pedlar) card button

Close up of my finished button                         Finished button on card backing

The next thing I am about to submit is to form part of the Patchwork Meadow  which is organised by the charity Plantlife and which is also part of a wider European project – Wild Flower Europe.  ( and  I chose to make a square featuring the Dandelion (taraxacum officinale) and have made a pencil drawing of a group of dandelion clocks from a photograph I took some time ago.  Next I scanned the drawing on to my pc and finally I have printed it off onto my fabric square.  All that needs to happen now is the final addition of embroidered seeds floating away from the plant stems.

paper square

My patchwork square before embroidery additions

It’s so exciting and challenging joining in with these large Call Out’s and fantastic to get your work included in something so massive!


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