Ten Artists Ten Responses – journey to an exhibition

The exhibition is finally here!  Today was the day we met up at The Simple Gallery in Esher, Surrey to hang the exhibition.  The gallery itself is tucked away behind the Friends Meeting House in Claremont Lane, Esher.  The meeting house itself is hidden away behind a high brick wall on the main road to Oxshott.  Built in 1797, the Meeting House is a beautiful building set in a tranquil garden/graveyard behind tall iron railing gates.

On arrival I walked though the gates along the lovely weathered paved path until I reached the back of the Meeting House and the Gallery.  I must confess to be ing somewhat taken aback, and my first thought was “ah, there’s the shed, where’s the gallery” but then I realised that the shed WAS the gallery!

Going in to the gallery I met up with two of my peers from the group, who both expressed similar initial reactions!  However, the inside was clean, the walls smooth and white and the lighting is good, both natural light of which there is an abundance and also spot lighting for focussing on the artworks.  As everyone else started to arrive it became apparent how quickly the space filled up!  After a quick discussion I left my work and went off into the town with a colleague to distribute some flyer leaflets.  Even a small task like that can prove a little challenging, when the library – the one place most people would automatically think of to pick up leaflets and information about local events was a little reluctant to accept a few leaflets.  However, they were persuaded and took some on the understanding that the librarian clerk would have to “check with the manager” before she put them out.  Oh dear, what a world we live in!  The Civic Centre however was the total opposite, friendly and accommodating they were more than happy to accept a pile of flyers for their dispensers of local events in their (very busy) foyer.  My faith in local government was restored…. (!)  It is surprising how many places are not willing to take a small poster or flyer these days, or if they do they want to charge unreasonable sums of money for display.  I suppose this is really just a sign of the times we live in, where cash is king and no-one does anything for anyone unless some sort of reward (usually financial) is involved.  One small bonus was that on our way back up the High Street we spotted a small wooden fence where other groups had fly posted similar leaflets, so we added ours!

Back at the gallery the others had been working hard and were just about finished.  After wielding my hammer I hung my work and that of another group member and we all stood back to admire our handiwork.  What a transformation!  This small and unassuming shed looks as good as any mainstream gallery space, but is also very much of the time since it also resembles a ‘pop-up’ gallery which are currently very popular around the country.

So with the work hung, the exhibition is now ready to receive visitors…

Work on display at The Simple Gallery, Claremont Lane, Esher, Surrey – 8th to 15th November 2012:


Angela – Edge to Edge                                         Angie – Texture Tree after GO


Celia – Memory Fragments 1 & 2                        Celia – Memory Maps


Di – Sorted!                                                            Emma – Cascade


George – Perpetual Pooh Sticks                          Gill – Wisteria Kiss


Paulene – Am I on the Grid?                              Rowena – Spirals and the Spiral Bowl

Sandra  – The Map is not the Territory

Each of the above artworks was inspired by one of the objects in the picture below, objects were purchased from charity shops and swapped randomly between group members who then had to find some inspiration from their object.

The ten objects were: action figure from the film Tron, two maps, a scientific book, a brooch, a china novelty teapot, a piece of driftwood and an Indian Silk painting, a Winnie the Pooh china ornament and a china pintray and brown paper wrapper.

All looks Mighty Fine in the Simple Gallery!


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One Response to Ten Artists Ten Responses – journey to an exhibition

  1. Hi Gill, I have so enjoyed following your journey for this exhibition and now to see it proudly hanging, I hope I can get to go over there and see all the pieces. See you soon

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