Back to Basics – Creation Made Simple

In a previous post I spoke of the problems I have been having with ‘Artists Block’ which has been preventing me from creating artwork that is fully realised and that I am happy with.  As a last ditch attempt to overcome this debilitating condition, I enrolled myself on an online short course to go back to basics and build a sketchbook.

We all know what a sketchbook is don’t we….. or do we?  For some it is a book filled with beautifully executed drawings, a scrapbook of ideas and cuttings, for me it should be my brain on a page, but it hasn’t been for ages.  The course I chose is run by the textile artist Dionne Swift .

Dionne runs everything very efficiently by email, the first one a couple of weeks before the start date to advise you of what materials will be required and then from the start date a further 7 emails drop into your inbox over the course of a week.  Each email gives you a link and password to access instructions on Dionnes website for each section of the course.  The written instructions are accompanied by a short video of Dionne talking about and demonstrating each activity.

We started with deconstructing our sketchbooks, colouring pages, a theme of ‘Circles’ and some random drawing of circular images.  This was followed up with brain storming the theme of circles and some research into artists who use or have used circles in their work.


Ink and felt tip pen on brown paper                   Ink wash, bottle top stamp (ink) and felt pen


Water soluble wax crayon and chalk pastel       Drawing Ink on brown paper

The above images show some of the pages I created at the first stage of the course.  What I discovered is that I am automatically drawn towards making a concise and controlled pattern-like image.  This was quite a revelation, as I had thought I would have produced more random images. However, the pieces are still spontaneous in the sense that they were not preconceived or thought about deliberately before the marks were made.

The next stage involves drawing over the images, or just drawing on blank sheets a still life composed of circular objects.  The idea is to draw randomly using the hand you don’t normally use, or by keeping the pencil on the page without taking it off, or by the ‘blind drawing’ method which is done by drawing the image, keeping the pencil on the page but not looking at the page and only looking at the objects.  This way of ‘seeing’ enables you to really understand the objects in front of you.


Three pages created using the ‘blind drawing’ and left hand drawing methods

The next stage was the most interesting, and we were asked to find images from a magazine, cut them up into different size circles, stick these onto  a piece of paper and then to cut the paper up face down using one of the sketchbook pages as a template.  When the new page is turned over there is a completely random new image – wonderful, it’s like alchemy!  These new pages are then to be drawn over using pens of varying thicknesses to create new layers.

collaged images with felt pen

The course encourages you to be experimental, to consider the negative space as well as the positive image, to create new images and ideas from these considerations.  Dionne is a tremendous tutor and asks participants to upload images on to a Flickr stream dedicated to the course.  Students are then encouraged to look at each others work and make positive comments and discussion about each others work and there are opportunities to join in with online discussions about the course and the work being produced.  Dionne herself also makes interesting comments on student work uploaded on to the Flickr group.

By far my favourite part of the course was the making of rubber stamps from small plastic rubbers.  This is such a brilliant idea, so simple and effective and really good fun to do.  The tiny printed images have so much more immediacy and vibrancy than those made by commercial companies.

Three images embellished using my mini rubber stamps

All in all I really enjoyed this course.  It takes a week for all the information to be sent out and there is a further week when the various ‘private’ pages on Dionnes website are available for access; but you are able to work at your own pace and the overall time required is equivalent to spending a day with Dionne in her workshop.

I found out about Dionne after reading an article about her work in the Embroiderers Guild “Embroidery” magazine and I am really glad that I followed up on it and  took this course.  I am now looking forward to the next one, which is about Screen Printing using a home studio.  To find out more about Dionne check out her website, Facebook and blogspot links to all can be found at



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5 Responses to Back to Basics – Creation Made Simple

  1. Gill, so glad you got so much out of the workshop – it’s going to be great to work with you again next month.
    Thank you for your lovely write up!
    Dionne x

  2. Julie says:

    I’m glad Dionne linked to your blog. Thank you for your comment on my printing post recently. I find Dionne an inspirational teacher and I can see she has inspired you too. I am seriously thinking about doing the new Drawing For Textiles course that will start in January. It will compliment the courses I’ve already done with Dionne. I still need to develop the work I’ve been doing in my sketchbooks but I’m pleased to say that I have managed to start a second while I was on holiday. I have a lot of ideas to work with. You got some great layered effects in your sketchbook work.

    • Yes, Dionne is inspirational and motivational as well. I have also been looking at the Drawing for Textiles course and think that I will sign up – nothing to lose and everything to gain. Glad you have managed to start another sketchbook, once I have finished a piece for an exhibition coming up in November I intend to get another one going, this time making use of some of the thousands of photographs I have taken over the past few years. Exciting times…..

  3. Hi Gill, You sound so positive, so much more than you have been for a while about your artwork. The course sounds fantastic and I cant wait to hear more about it. See you soon Katex

  4. these look really good Gill. Very exciting.

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