All the Bells

All the bells in a country rung as quickly and loudly as possible for 3 minutes; Work 1197 by Martin Creed.

This morning I dragged my husband out of bed and made him get on his bike – literally!  I wanted to take part in the All the Bells art project and didn’t know anyone else nearby that was doing it, and obviously I didn’t want to do it on my own… so poor long-suffering husband reluctantly became part of a living artwork and history.

My bike (Dorothy) and ‘friend’ waiting for the All the Bells ringing

My original intention was to ride around the perimeter of the village where I live ringing my bicycle bell for the 3 minutes.  Because recently I have been working on restoring a vintage bike, I did think it would be nice to use this machine; and because it is about 60 years old it would also fit in really well with the whole Jubolympics (Jubilee/Olympics) thing.  After working my socks off to get it back together again after several months in pieces, sadly I fell at the last hurdle as the replacement brake blocks were too big to fit, and obviously not having brakes is quite dangerous!

Beryl (the 60 year-old) BSA Ladies Safety Shopper – without brakes!

Back to Plan A, and my trusty Dorothy vintage-style bike.  Off we pedalled reaching the footbridge over the by-pass road that skirts the village, waiting for the magic moment of 08.12hrs… and then ring-ring-ding-ding for the full 3 minutes followed by a ride back down the cycle track ringing madly!  Even this wasn’t without a setback, and after all that ringing the bell on my bike has broken! Oh well, the best laid plans and all that, but it was good fun

Both of the bells!



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