Bit of a damp squib!

Monday the 14th July 2012 and the Olympic Torch travels through West Sussex – it is raining.  However  undeterred, husband and I drag ourselves out of bed and off the Petworth for 9.00am; actually we did run a little late and actually got there at 9.30am. The streets were filling up rapidly despite the Flame not due to arrive until 10.30am.  I must admit I was a bit worried about parking, as Petworth isn’t really noted for having numerous parking places; and as we drove into the main car park my heart sank as I joined the queue of cars also looking for a parking space. But, what luck! A small van reversed out of a space just in front of me and naturally I swung in, job done.  While husband was purchasing the required ticket a silver car drew up alongside me and a rather rude woman leaned out of her window and chastised me for “taking her space”, errrr, it doesn’t have your name on it madam and I was there first!  A quick trot up the road and we arrived in the Market Square where the crowds were gathering, we found ourselves a suitable space outside of Austens Hardware store and waited…….

While we waited  I spotted some interesting looking folk, and here they are….

It rained a lot this morning and this lady really epitomises British stoicism.  Nothing was going to stop her waving her flag, good for you Madam!

It is nice to see that the pink plastic bin liner look is still popular in genteel West Sussex.






Austens Home Hardware in the Market Square, Petworth, complete with their Jubilee window display featuring fabulous old tin advertising signs for goods that they used to sell in “back in the day”.  Actually, Austens is the type of emporium that probably still sells most of these things!



Lots of nationalistic pride on display today.  Red, white and blue was definitely the order of the day.




Umbrellas were the order of the day and this amazing example wins my prize for the most fabulous brolly.  It is just so elegant, with its sensuous curves and cute but slightly sexy pink frills.  I sooooooo want one of these brollies!



A girl simply can’t have enough freebies!  These odd little inflatable sausages dished out by Samsung (Olympic sponsor) are designed to be banged together to make a sort of drumming sound; oh what fun for the little ones…….



While waiting in the rain I counted over 40 street vendors  selling Union flags and Olympic Tat – medals, inflatable torches…..

Chappie selling “Orimpic Totches” and Frags!







How typically British, patiently waiting in the rain in Market Square, Petworth.





The Olympic Sponsors Circus rolls into town….


And finally here comes The Torch – errrr time for loud cheering, or perhaps not then!

and there it goes…… all gone in the blink of an eye!  If you weren’t quick with your camera, and plenty around me weren’t you’d have missed it.

This last image really sums up the whole event…..

The funniest thing about these sad little flags in the gutter is that a mother behind me told her small children they could pick them up and take them home!  Ain’t life great!




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2 Responses to Bit of a damp squib!

  1. well done you for making the effort!! I stayed in the dry today, I hope the games prove to be sunnier than the run – up if you’ll pardon the pun!!!!

  2. I don’t blame you for staying in the dry. We were definitely soggy after all that waiting around.

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