Trains, trains and well, more trains

A bit more from my last post about the Bluebell Railway.  This weekend was a special open day to raise funds for the final stages of a rail link they are building.  There is always loads to see at the Bluebell and for anyone unlucky enough not to be able to get there, here are some pictures of what goes on there.

As you can see the Bluebell does so much, it has real period atmosphere, a huge collection of steam trains (not to mention the diesel and electric ones) and some great graphics all over its walls.  It’s really like stepping back in time and no wonder that it is very popular with TV and film companies as a location – we’ve all seen the Railway Children!  Of course there are those who would say it’s all sentimental rubbish and a pointless waste of time, but I say “Boo” to them Viva Nostalgia, there’s nothing quite like sitting on a well sprung carriage seat with the smell of coal steam smoke in your nostrils and the shrill toot of the whistle as you chug away on your adventure…..


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