Lacy Love Tokens

After a bit of a break from the business of creative making, I began to start work on some initial ideas for the forthcoming exhibition (in which I am included) by the Ten Group.  The theme behind the exhibition is objects purchased from a charity shop and which were swapped randomly between the group members, who then had to create new artwork inspired by the object.  I received an Indian silk painting depicting two figures dancing in the countryside.  Research into who the figures are was proving a little difficult until my friend Sophia mentioned that her mum might know who they were, and she came up trumps!  The dancing figures are Rama and Sita and are the greatest love story ever told in the Hindu religion. (A huge thank you to Sophia and her lovely mum for their help with this).

Of course the problem now was how did this inspire me to make new art?  Loads of obvious responses ran through my mind, mostly involving the printed image, but then I thought it’s  alove story, so why not love tokens?  Today I sat down at my trusty sewing machine and created the first prototype.  It is a heart image drawn entirely in thread (using free-machine embroidery) in which is contained a blood red rose.  There is still a bit of work left to do , like adding some beaded embellishments and possibly some ribbon,  but so far I am pleased with the result.


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One Response to Lacy Love Tokens

  1. clever you! Must have taken a bit of time but looks lovely!

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