Posh Cake in SW1

Today I had a lovely cultural day out in London with my friend Sophia.  After a somewhat eventful trip up on the train which was terminated some 20 miles away from our destination station of Victoria, we found ourselves on different train and eventually arrived at the Barbican where we spent the morning at the Bauhaus – Art as Life exhibition.

As a huge fan of Bauhaus (the design movement not the 80’s group – although back in the day, I was quite keen on the group as well!) I was really in my element seeing so many of the original pieces which seem so familiar from books!  I have previously visited the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin, but that was about 10 years ago and the focus of the Barbican show is different to that at the Archiv.

One of the most striking things for me were the intricate watercolour and ink plan drawings made by the most amazing weaver – Gunta Stolzl.  Seeing these next to the completed pieces was awesome.  If I had one criticism it would be that the show is a bit top-heavy on photography, and a bit lacking in actual design pieces.  Nevertheless I had a great time and saw some of the most iconic images up close and personal for the first time – all in all a result!

After a culturally exhausting morning, it was time for a trip over to Belgravia for a refreshing cup of tea and a delicious cupcake at Peggy Porschen’s parlour on the corner of Ebury Street and Elizabeth Street SW1.  This cutesy little emporium all decked out in sugary pink and sparkly white is just the most amazing place and everyone should go there! Check it out at  http://www.peggyporschen.com  I had a totally sublime piece of Victoria sponge and my friend Sophia had a slice of Tipsy Orange Truffle cake with a pot of a flavoursome English breakfast tea blend.  As well as cake there are shortbread and ginger biscuits in the shapes of shoes, frocks and ginger beefeaters.  The girls behind the counter were delightful, friendly and really helpful. I took home a box of cupcakes in strawberry and champagne, lemon and chocolate flavours and these were much enjoyed by all!  Everyone should go to Peggy’s at least once!




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One Response to Posh Cake in SW1

  1. You have been busy , busy! Your posts arent showing up on my e mail, i didnt realise you were blogging! Its lovely, its to late to read now but i will and i love the pictures of the cakes! x

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