Fabulous Flowers

What better way to spend a rainy June Thursday than a visit to the bi-annual Chichester Cathedral Festival of Flowers.  The theme for this years’ event is “Every Book TellsImage

a Story” and there are certainly some amazing stories being told through the medium of flowers.  The main body of the cathedral is lined with fabulous giant arrangements through the Nave with huge draping arrangements hanging from the chandeliers on the theme of The Pilgrims Progress.  The rest of the Cathedral is filled with smaller decorative displays based on other well known novels including Tom Brown’s Schooldays, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, Pride and Prejudice, Swallows and Amazons, A Tale of Two Cities and James and the Giant Peach to name but a few.  It isn’t possible to sum up how amazing the Festival is in a few words on a blog.  It is simply one of those things which are best seen for yourself!  The next one is scheduled for 2014, so only 2 years to wait!




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1 Response to Fabulous Flowers

  1. Shelley Rosenberg says:

    That looks fabulous enough to tempt me out in this weather!

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