Sunny Saturdays

Last Saturday was so sunny and warm I went to visit The Vyne a beautiful old house in Hampshire owned by the National Trust.  My husband and younger daughter (aged 18) came with me and we spent a relaxing afternoon wandering round the gardens watching the Elizabethan role players act out scenes from Elizabethan life; featured were jugglers and musicians, one of whom played the Hurdy Gurdy (which is a relative of the violin but with a handle instead of a bow) and some Archers; which proved to be especially inspiring ImageImage to my daughter Kat) who has now signed up to a local Archery Club!  Around the grounds were loads of scarecrows made by community groups in celebration of the Jubilee and forth coming Olympics.  After icecreams in the walled garden we set put for home stopping in at the Mill at Elsted near Farnham for an early evening meal – yummy!Image


About paisleypedlar

Artist, Sewist, sometime Cyclist and Arm Chair Activist
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