Mini show goes live

This morning I had a lovely drive across the South Downs to Chichester where I spent the rest of the morning setting up a mini exhibition of some of my bags in the window space at the Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Little London, Chichester.  After a bit of faffing about with frsustratingly knotty fishing line, I finally managed to get the 3 bags on display hung up in a suitable manner – fingers crossed the fishing line doesn’t give way!

The 3 bags on show are all hand made by me fron 100% pure Irish Linen on to which I have screen printed a hand drawn image, the inspiration for which has come from fashion magazine advertising.  There are 3 designs on show and they are a strictly Limited Edition of 3 bags for each design.

To compliment the bags I have hung original framed screen prints of two of the designs.  Each of these framed images is a unique print.

The window space is small, but perfect for a mini show like this.  As usual, the lovely Sophia was on hand to provide assistance and cups of refreshing tea!  Thanks for that Sophia!

Men Seldom Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses!


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  1. Carol Gardner says:

    Love these

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