Hello world!

Welcome to the Paisley Pedlar blog.  My name is Gill (aka Paisley Pedlar) and I am an artist and maker.  I am at my happiest when I am sitting in my studio looking out into my garden, watching the birds on the feeders and enjoying the flowers while I am drawing or stitching.  I love drawing in all it’s forms from scribbly doodles to intricate tonal images and my own drawing takes many forms.  My second great passion is sewing.  I love making

Purple spot baguette style handbag

handbags and clothes love the challenge turning a flat piece of fabric into a 3 dimensional object.  I like to “have a go” at anything and have made clothes ranging

Juicy red apple print 1950’s full circle vintage style summer frock

from evening dresses to casual summer tunics; but my favourites have got to 1950’s style summer dresses.  Currently I am working on developing the skills to create hand printed fabrics from my own designs from which I can make one-off handbags and purses.


About paisleypedlar

Artist, Sewist, sometime Cyclist and Arm Chair Activist
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One Response to Hello world!

  1. Carol Gardner says:

    I love the dress and the bag

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